Alvas Panevino

Serve at: 13°-15°C
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Type White Wine
Grapes Varietà Autoctone Locali
Varietal Vino Bianco
Produced Bottles 1800
Alcohol 12.5%
Cellar Panevino
Dimension 0,75 l
Agricolture lutte raisonnée, natural yeasts, organic agriculture
Country Italy
Region Sardegna
Pairings Fried Food
contiene solfiti / contains Sulphites

Alvas is one of the two white wines produced each year by Gianfranco Manca and also the one that never changes the label. Alvas in Sardinia means white even if the actual color is orange. It is composed of Retallada, Vernaccia, Nuragus, Seminano, Vermentino, Malvasia, It is born in different percentages every year according to the choices of Gianfranco. The wine macerates about 20 days on the skins.

Three Senses
Orange, warm and spicy, rich and delicious, with notes of citrus peel. On the palate it is powerful, with good acidity, clinging tannins and flavors of pear, spices and dried fruit. Dry final. Excellent in combination with white lamb type fried lamb, but also snails or stuffed squid.


Gianfranco Manca is the last of the Sardinian vintners. Near to its cellar in the town of Nurri, about 80 km north of Cagliari, its numerous vineyards are planted, some on red soils, others on scists, others on soils composed of quartz and calcar. Its vines are impressive, some have over 100 years old, Gianfranco knows one by one. Its is an ancestral viticulture made of fatigue and risks, carried on with an absolute knowledge of agriculture and a conscience of territorial heritage. No addition of sulphites, no filtration, no intervention; And for this reason its wines are clean, very clean. Gianfranco is a vintner who tries to tell something different with each bottle of wine, always trying to make a unique artwork in every bottle. And everything varies according to nature !!!!

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Alvas Panevino