Banyuls Baillaury 5 Ans d'Age Abbe Rous

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Type Fortified Wine
Grapes Grenache noir - Grenache gris
Varietal Banyuls
Produced Bottles 10000
Alcohol 16.0%
Cellar Abbe Rous
Dimension 0,75 lt
Agricolture lutte raisonnée
Country France
Region Languedoc & Roussillon
Pairings Chocolate

The Banyuls falls under the category of vins doux naturel. It is the deepest and darkest of VDNs and has a chocolate flavor that characterizes it and allows France to approach some ports. In fact, after 15 to 20 years, it gets notes of plum and roasted coffee very similar to those of Porto Vintage. The vineyards are not far from the nearby Spain and come where men and mules are struggling to maintain balance: mechanization is out of the question, yields are extremely low and the grapes are very mature. On the labels you often read the word rimage that refers to the vintage. The main vine is the grenache.

Three Senses
The aging of 5 years in barrels is enough for Abbe Rous's Banyuls to give him the characteristic aroma of chocolate, ripe red fruit, and date. Wine is surprising for its character and vitality. Dense and soothing in the mouth, it resembles a very warm Chinon Barolo. Obviously it is perfect with chocolate or chocolate-based sweets.
Agricolture lutte raisonnée
Product code
Not available
Serve at: 14°-16°C

Abbe Rous

the cellar

Situated in Banyuls-sur-Mer, the Cave l'Abbe Rous produces a good range of AOC Collioure and Banyuls wines. Its name has been chosen in homage to the Abbot who was the first trader of Banyuls wines to finance the construction of a church for the village. The company counts on 750 winegrowers and 1,150 hectares of vines among which it realizes selections.
Quality is the requirement of the production for this all stages of wine making are maniacally controlled, from the conduct of the vine to the vinification and from the breeding to the presentation.

With a unique know-how for the breeding of Banyuls and Banyuls Grand Cru, its range is of great richness.