Barbba Vinas Mora 2021

Serve at: 13°-15°C
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Type Red Wine
Grapes Babic
Vintage 2021
Alcohol 13.5%
Cellar Vinas Mora
Dimension 0,75 l
Agricolture lutte raisonnée, natural yeasts, organic agriculture
Country Croatia
Pairings BBQ and Grilled Meat, Aged Cheeses, Pasta with meat
contiene solfiti / contains Sulphites

A red wine also suitable for fish could not be missing in Vinas Mora's ideas, also considering the link with the sea and its delicacies. Barbba is a red made from local native red and white grapes including Maraština, Babić, Lasina, Plavina. Although considered a more everyday wine, this wine is still made from grapes from very old vines, with very low yields. Part of the wine is left to macerate for a few hours, while the other part macerates on the skins for a few days. The refinement takes place in exhausted wooden barrels.

Three Senses
Barbba is a juicy red, immediately open and fresh that recalls red fruits at first sight. It is a wine that recalls the sapidity and freshness thanks also to a part of white grapes assembled with the rest. A highly drinkable product that can also be combined with great fish dishes.

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Vinas Mora

Vinas Mora

Just in front of the low and sandy coasts of the Marches, the Croatian coast can be glimpsed on clear days. In correspondence Primosten or Capocesto, positioned in a drop of land in the middle of the sea, it offers its beaches and the blue sea. Just behind, the rocky mountains that characterize that narrow strip of land to form the Croatian territory.
In the 1960s Primosten began to live off tourism, but before that there was an intense viticulture activity here. From this began Niko Dukan and Kreso Petrekovic (mearchant of high-level labels) with the clear awareness that the autochthonous vine of this part of Croatia, Babic, could give wines of great depth. Thus was born Vinas Mora literally translated Vini del Mare
Bet won because the two have bottled real excellence.
In the first covid period they take over a warehouse used as a pastry shop to create their cellar and propose themselves with the same concept of a social cellar to acquire grapes. And here the surprise because the elderly ladies, who manage with difficulty these vineyards on a clear foot that literally come out of the rock, give their grapes to someone who can pay them. Niko and Kreso find a very high quality material in their hands and start the vinification. This unknown Babic offers wines of intensity and depth, already comparable to the great wine labels. But what is surprising is their aging pote

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Barbba Vinas Mora 2021