Easter is coming. Useful tips on what to put on the table and in the glass

Easter is coming, a holiday in which there are numerous symbols and traditions, varying from region to region.

What they all have in common, however, is the organisation of lavish meals where families and friends come together to celebrate.

This is our little guide to facilitate you with the preparation of this special day by suggesting you delicious plates of Italian’s tradition but in particular by proposing you a selection of best wines to match with your dishes.


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colazione di Pasqua

From the beginning of the day the watchword is good food. While kids are struggling with the eggs hunt, adults entertain with one of the most popular traditions in Italy and in particular in the center of the country.

We are talking about Easter breakfast, a rich breakfast that represents the breaking of fasting scheduled during the Lent’s period. From hard-boiled eggs, symbol of life, rebirth, resurrection, passing through omelettes, savory pies stuffed with typical spring products (artichokes, asparagus...) and cold cuts. More complex plates don’t miss, for exemple offal with artichokes that belongs to Roman tradition and it’s a plate based on the preparation of lamb’s entrails.

To all this you can also try cakes, biscuits, chocolate eggs and colomba.


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quiche vegetariana

Do you feel already satiated after this brunch? Take heart because it's time to move on to the real lunch. In Marche region as in other in other regions of central Italy,  it is a must to insert among the appetizers the typical crescia of cheese accompanied by cold cuts.

We are talking about a savory cake rich in pecorino and parmesan cheese that goes very well with ciauscolo, capocollo, salami and ham.

If instead you want to prepare a Neapolitan dish, why don’t you try the Casatiello? Also in this case it’s a rustic cake full of eggs, neapolitan salami, bacon and provola cheese.

Of Ligurian cooking instead, it is good to remember Pasqualina cake. This pie has a puff pastry basis. The tradition wants that in ancient times it was prepared with 33 layers of dough, an important number of Christian religion.

What’s the best way to start the Easter lunch than uncorking an excellent bottle of sparkling wine?

It doesn’t matter if they are Italian or international, a sparkling wine or a champagne are a must.






primi piatti per pasqua

Regarding to first dishes we don’t have doubts, the best advise that we can give you is to choose the pasta that can be accompanied by your favorite sauce. If you like truffles, why not try some good pappardelle with truffles, mushrooms and sausage?

If you doesn’t like this option, you could try lasagna that usually everyone likes. They are very versatile and multiple varieties exist: from the most classic with Bolognese sauce,  passing through an alternative version with artichokes and bacon or, why not, a vegan version with soy béchamel and vegetables. Regarding wine, the best match with first courses is white wine but not only, also rosé wines go very well with pasta. This is the selection from our online shop:





abbinamenti secondi piatti e vino per Pasqua

Let’s talk about the main course. The dish that reigns supreme is definitely the lamb. It has always been an important symbol of Easter as it represents the idea of sacrifice,  but also of candor and fragility of life.

This delicious dish can be cooked in different ways, for example ribs can be breaded and fried, or as in Roman cuisine an excellent solution is to make the abbacchio a scottadito.

The truth is that lamb meat is very particular and may not please to everyone.

A very good alternative could be a famous Piedmontese recipe, very typical of this period: Brasato al Barolo.

For those who do not like meat instead, why don’t try to prepare a quiche made of vegetables and vegetable cheese? An alternative that could also be used as a side dish.

Below we leave you a selection of red wines, a good accompaniment for lamb dishes and meat in general.




abbinamenti uova cioccolato Pasqua

Now let’s arrive to the favorite moment for children (but not only): the opening of Easter eggs.

Near to them we also find the typical colomba with a lot of different flavors in order to satisfy everyone: the classic one with candied fruit, with chocolate, with pistachio

The fundamental requirement is that the ingredients used are of first choice, then add a long and slow leavening with sourdough, the absence of preservatives and the result is a very high quality product. For example, for our store, we selected artisans of the caliber of Renato Bosco, Posillipo Dolce Officina, Pasticceria Lombardi and Francesco Ballico Il Chiosco.


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In the end we cannot fail to mention the legendary Neapolitan pastiera: a shell of short pastry filled with a mixture of ricotta cheese, wheat and eggs and an intense aroma of orange blossoms.

As an accompaniment to these specialties we suggest you some fragrant muscat wines that are perfect next to the colomba, while concerning chocolate, we advise you a good white or red passito wine. Here is our selection:





abbinamenti menu Pasqua vini distillati


Before grabbing the most comfortable place of the sofa for the usual afternoon nap, we suggest you some ideas of digestive that after a binge can be very useful:

Our advice is a glass of our Amaro Gallo, delicate and elegant, the balance you need after a great lunch, but also a Grappa, a Rhum, a more intense Whisky or other spirits that you can mix or taste pure as an unfailing Chartreause


chartreuse fine pranzo Pasqua




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