1 Capsule of Argon Gas for Coravin

Product code

Substitute Argon Gas Capsule for Coravin.

To replace the Coravin capsule, it is sufficient to unscrew the bottom of the object, remove the capsule out of reach and insert the new one, then pull it back with your hands.

The pleasure of enjoying any wine without removing the cap.

n 2012, the way in which wine is cut and stored is changed. It is in that period, in fact, that Greg Lambrecht has developed his Coravin. Greg, a brilliant scientist with the passion for wine, worked for 10 years at an incredible patent that promised to make him enjoy several times the same bottle without the need to remove the cap and thus trigger an oxidative process to damage the product. The instrument, which immediately seemed to be an absolute innovation, was still under beta, and his inventor was looking for partners able to test its potential. So a common path began, a long field test, capable of eliminating any doubt about the functionality of the device.

The advantages

• The cap is not removed and the oxygen does not enter.
• The same bottle can be offered to the cup over a year.
• A tasting at a time to taste more bottles.
• Customize the tastings for each of us and our friends.
• Share the best wines without wasting even a drop.

How does it work

  1.     Choose one or more bottles to taste.
  2.    Place Coravin on the neck of the bottle and press the needle through the cap to the bottom to access the wine.
  3.     Incline the bottle as if to pour the wine normally. Gently press and release the lever to pick the wine (less pressure will be exercised and the consumption of gas will be consumed) Repeat when the wine stream slows or stops. Return the bottle vertically.
  4.     Once the needle is removed, the cap will naturally seal itself. The wine is preserved so that you can enjoy it for the following months or years.

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