Champagne Le Jardinot Brut Nature Amaury Beaufort

Serve at: 6° - 8°C
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Type Champagne
Grapes Pinot Noir
Varietal Champagne
Alcohol 11.0%
Cellar Amaury Beaufort - Bar Sur Seine
Dimension 0,75 l
Agricolture natural yeasts, organic, organic agriculture
Country France
Region Champagne
Pairings Salted Butter and Anchovies, Salted butter, Caviar, Shell Fish, Raw Fish Dishes, Blue Cheese, Seafood, Appetizer, Fish, Pasta with Fish, Sushi
contiene solfiti / contains Sulphites

Champagne Blanc de Noir vinified by Amaury with pressure directly from the grape which is boiled on its limestone. Fermented and aged in large barrels, barrels and barrels for at least unvarnished with processing to secure the finished lees. Malolactic carried out.

Refermentation in the bottle with grape must. The refinement lasts up to 15 months. Unfiltered, unclarified wine without added sulfur.

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Amaury Beaufort - Bar Sur Seine

Amaury Beaufort Champagne

Amaury Beaufort is the fifth of Jacques Beaufort's eight children. In 2018, after several years in the family "holding" André Beaufort (dedicated to his grandfather André) decides to begin a personal journey, to cultivate his own ideas regarding the viticulture and winemaking of Champagne.
It all starts from a plot donated to him by his father Jacques, planted in 1968 in Polisy in the Cote de Bar. The plot is called "Le Jardinot", and planted we find pinot noir and chardonnay. For Jacques this was an extremely interesting plot due to the Kimmeridgian limestone soils he owned. Amaury therefore, after making wine with his father from 2006 to 2018, starts from this old vineyard of 0.88ha in mass selection to start his own
project. In addition to this plot, he purchases the grapes of a couple of organic winegrower friends from Polisy who share with him an agricultural vision focused on an incredible quality of grapes.
Amaury harvests the grapes by controlling the degree of acidity and not the sugars, he makes wine in his cellar under his house, in the center of Bar sur Seine. Large barrel, tonneau and barrique. Malolactic fermentation carried out. Decant to keep on the fine lees. Aging of the Vin Claire for at least 2 winters in wood, which is a great uniqueness shared with his father for some great wines. Tirage with grape must. And then, the magic. Amaury Beaufort wines are GREAT wines even before being GREAT Champagnes.

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Champagne Le Jardinot Brut Nature Amaury Beaufort