Champagne R.D. Bollinger 2002

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Type Champagne
Grapes Pinot Noir
Varietal Champagne
Vintage 2002
Cellar Bollinger
Dimension 0,75 lt
Country France
Region Champagne
Pairings Salted Butter and Anchovies, Duck, Foie Gras

R & D è l'abbreviazione di Récemment Dégorgé : fu nel 1967 che Madame Bollinger creò questo leggendario cuvée , dando al mondo la possibilità di godere di uno champagne il cui affinamento sulle fecce è stato spinto all'estremo.

Three Senses
Colore giallo paglierino brillante, questo vino si dipana una serie intenso e complesso di agrumi-come profumi, in particolare rosso, arancio, seguita da un profumo di piccoli frutti, pasta di pane, croissant, frutta secca e una nota minerale alla fine. Al gusto ha un grande impatto e la struttura, con una piacevole freschezza, è sapido e con un gusto raffinato fine minerale seguito da un lunghissimo, agrumi-come dopo aroma.
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Serve at: 8°-10°C

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When we talk about Champagne we can not cite Bollinger, a company that Born in 1829 in Ay, is still recognized today as one of the best Champagne around the world. A unique story that was founded by Hennequin de Villermont, Paul Renaudin and Jacques Bollinger; The company has been Managed by the Bollinger family  until 2008, when it was handed over to Jérôme Philipon a young entrepreneur, who made important investments Maintaining the tradition of its products unchanged.

Bollinger, unlike what normally happens in champagne prefers To produce grapes instead of buying them. to have an eye to all the stages of production and keeping the entire chain of production in his hands Coming to unique products of their kind! His vineyards contain three vines: Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier and Chardonnay combined in the right proportions are the basis for His champagne!

The underground cellar of Bollinger, singular of its kind, is dug into theRock, it sweeps the subsoil for miles and miles.
If you want a famous winery's name the name is Mathieu Kauffman, it is not  casual that he is the one who manages directly the Bollinger winery, checking maniacally all that happens.
The products offered are the result of a process that is at the top Of champagne, inimitable and loved by all the great admirers of the Champagne




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