Desserts and Chocolate

Pairing a wine with a dessert is not always straightforward. There are many aspects to be examined. There are some desserts that are difficult to pair with a wine: those that are very structured, for example, or particularly wet and rich in cream.
In general, however, for leavened desserts (such as sponge cake) and spoon desserts we might choose a sparkling wine, low in alcohol and with considerable residual sugar. While for pairing with non-leavened pastries (short pastry, puff pastry), we should rather consider the filling of the pastry itself. For dry pastries perfect are passito wines or the Visciola wines, typical in Marche Region.

Even chocolate, which is considered unfit for a normal wine, will instead be perfect with a Barolo Chinato, Banyuls, rum or Bas Armagnac. The rather high alcohol content and the infusion of the aromatic herbs in these products make them perfect to be paired with chocolate as well.

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