Grappa Di Bassano Capovilla
Grappa Di Bassano Capovilla
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Grappa Di Bassano Capovilla

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'The raw material in front of everything, then the rest comes.' The passion for distillation was born in '74, the year in which Capovilla began to deal with machinery for oenology. In those years in Italy everyone distilled something, without having the skills to do it. Beautiful stills were easily found, but they did not produce anything good. Capovilla began a difficult path of formation, thanks also to the numerous relationships with foreign countries, where distillation based its foundations on a more rooted tradition and culture. The company has 4 hectares on three different plots for the cultivation of the raw material. What does not grow well in the area is found in more suitable land, where there are untreated fruit that grow in their natural environment. The very pure water is strictly that of the nearby Monte Grappa. The untreated fruit has an indigenous flora that is the only one responsible for fermentation, without the aid of selected yeasts. The ripening point depends on the type, some give the best stramaturi, others slightly early. The fun part is going in search of wild fruit, not cultivable. Especially on the weekend with a team of enthusiastic friends.



Vittorio "Gianni" Capovilla begins his career of distiller after a few years of work for a famous wine-making industry. This experience enabled him to come in contact with the outside world(Germany, France, Austria) where he was able to see how diffuse the distillation practice was.

Italy was not different only for the quality of the distillates but also for the amount of distilleries opened (120). Vittorio decided to invest and follow this path. Capovillla first began to distil the vinegars, which he previously selected, and then continued with the fruit. Today, its fields surface cover 4 hectares, Vittorio Capovilla takes care of all the process of production, starting from the field and arriving at the finished product. The Capovilla distillates are famous all over the world and today they have reached their highest level.


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