Verdicchio Gaiospino Fattoria Coroncino 2013
Verdicchio Gaiospino Fattoria Coroncino 2013
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Verdicchio Gaiospino Fattoria Coroncino 2013

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Verdicchio Gaiospino, the true icon of the Denomination, is a white that performs malolactic fermentation for a 20/30% in 500-liter oak barrels and remains on its lees until bottling occurs 16/18 months later.

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Fattoria Coroncino


Lucio Canestrari has made the Roman phrase 'n do arivo metto 'n segno to mean: I do my best, what I can and you can see how far it has been done.

The company was founded in 1981 by the owners Lucio Canestrari and his wife Fiorella De Nardo who work directly in the management of both the vineyard and the winery.

Pioneers of quality Verdicchio have helped to redeem the image of cheap pizzeria wine widespread in the 60s and 70s.

The vineyards are on different soils and altitudes between 250 and 400 meters.

Guyot training system, natural grassing of the vineyards since 1983, the control of fungal diseases and insects according to the method of integrated and biological control (since '92), we do not fertilize since 1995 to keep intact the profile of the terroir, we want the taste of the grapes is that given by the soil and not by fertilizers.

The winery is not part of any association, there are no dogmas, freedom and working in a pleasant place in accordance with nature are their only thoughts to produce natural, healthy and digestible wines for us and our customers. Conscious common sense technique.

His son Valerio, as soon as he finished his studies, joined Lucio and shared with him every choice, every moment, the novelties of every vintage.
In fact, he made his first harvest and his first steps in the winery when he was just 11 years old, and from that moment on he always lived and shared every situation with his family, perhaps the first to know the secrets of winemaking and agriculture that his father devoted with dedication and care to his vines and his wine.

Since Lucio's passing, a deep void remains, a pillar, a point of reference is gone, but his farsightedness can be seen now more than ever, now that he is gone: he saw in the very young Valerio the future of Fattoria Coroncino, his trust in his son and his profound consideration meant that over the years Valerio too became a pillar for his father. His passing marked a fracture in the feelings of a united family, but not in the company, which was as solid and aware as it was when Lucio was at the helm.

Valerio, since he found himself alone, had a great intuition, leaving his mark right from the start, confirming his profound knowledge and complete dedication, even in the face of a less advantageous economic choice in function, however, of a qualitative choice that was far more rewarding from an ethical point of view.

This is why, since 2022, Gaiospino has been maturing an extra year in the bottle before being released. The end result is an exceptional wine that succeeds in giving great emotions and is ready to be uncorked without the risk of it finishing before it has reached its best moment.

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