Acquavite Di Visciole Vicari
Acquavite Di Visciole Vicari
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Acquavite Di Visciole Vicari

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Fruit spirit from visciole, separated from the wine and kept in oxygen-free containers to ensure the fineness of the aromas. At the distillery they are gradually heated in a bain-marie, using a discontinuous method. In this way the steam has time to enrich itself with alcohol and aromas, without burning the visciole on the external surface.


The Vicari farm is a small family company owned and run by Nazzareno and his two children Vico and Valentina, located in Morro D’Alba. The Vicari were “quelli del pozzo.

buono” (those of the good well), because in their street there was and still exists a big well, where in the past the inhabitants of Morro D’Alba went and drew drinking.

water. Today in each bottle, in each label on remembers this history, containing in the inscription “Del Pozzo Buono” and in the logo of the company, that represents a stylization of the old appearance of great historical well.

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