Amaro Gallo
Amaro Gallo
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Amaro Gallo

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The AMARO GALLO was born from the meeting between Galli Enoteca and Oscar Quagliarini during a rainy afternoon in early summer.

Ingredients: hydroalcoholic solution, infusions of roots, herbs and aromatic plants, sugar.

Find out more and read all about Oscar Quagliarini and Amaro Gallo HERE

Three Senses
a fresh bitter with smooth notes born from the delicate calibration of ingredients such as gentian, licorice, angostura bark, lavender and rhubarb.

Galli Enoteca

galli enoteca wine shop

Galli Enoteca is a Firm born over 50 years ago that over the time has changed both physically and the type of services and activities.

It was born as a wine-selling company, in fact in the last 10 years the focus was on French wines and wines obtained with indigenous yeasts, nowadays Galli Enoteca is a highly specialized shop in wine and delicatessen.

The branded products Galli Enoteca are to taste!

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