Beaujolais wines

Beaujolais is a little piece of France wedged between the north-eastern edge of the Massif Central and the Saone plain, some 55 km long and just 15 wide, 300 metres above sea level.

Not all of Beaujolais is destined for the best expression for wine, but in the Còte Beaujolais, the eastern area that descends from the Beaujolais mountains to the Saone, you will find its best soils from which incredible juice is extracted.

Crystal, granite, porphyry, mineral substances and perfect exposure (almost all facing east) are the elements that make this area an ideal place for growing vines.

Red Beaujolais has the same character as its inhabitants: it welcomes you but does not tire you, it is a pleasant but not silly wine, it is peasant but has knowledge and tenacity, it is disengaged when young and structured with a dense, granite texture when mature. Read more here

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