Gin Infinito Rosati Qualis Superior
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Gin Infinito Rosati Qualis Superior

Gin Infinito Rosati Qualis Superior

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Rosati 1877 gives us an infinite gin, like the gustatory and olfactory notes in which getting lost is an innate pleasure. Spirit of the Marche, expresses its essence with the botanical choices: juniper, olive leaves, Green Anise of Castignano, bay leaf, rosemary and orange peel. Obtained by cold infusion and distillation.

distilled and bottled in Trieste - Italy



The story of Anisetta Rosati starts from afar. Its roots are born in Maltignano in the second half of the nineteenth century, and take on in Ascoli Piceno where the Rosati family still maintains the Central Pharmacy today. Umberto Rosati bought a pharmacy in 1877 and transformed it. Due to its location right in the center of the ancient city of Ascoli, it was called Farmacia Centrale and his descendants (to the fourth generation) still follow the footsteps of their ancestor. In the management of the two pharmacies, he was assisted by his brother Giacomo (he also graduated in both Chemistry and Pharmacy), so he could devote himself to the study of new formulas of pharmaceuticals, which he then carried out in his laboratory and then sold them both in His pharmacies and in other pharmacies throughout Italy. The firm was the most well-known industry in the city of Ascoli, as evidenced by numerous newspapers of the time, in 1891 "with great spirit of understanding and philanthropy" he had established the first Night Pharmacy, in its headquarters at the corner of Corso Umberto and Via del trivio(view of centrality), leaving it "open until one o'clock after midnight and resuming at four in the morning." To develop new techniques and new products he was always around, both in Italy and in the vicinity of the Costa azzurra (where for long periods had retired), in search of officinal herbs and new chemicals, which he then expertly personally compounded, became Those specialties Of which the newspapers of the time often spoken by "manifests and wide approvals from medical and scientific notifications". Following this before a long series of honors, the Pharmaceutical Chemistry Laboratory and the Central Pharmacy of Corso Umberto and Via del Trivio took the title of "Awarded", which is still today the sign of Dr. Rosati's "Centauric Pharmacy Award".

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