Verdicchio Classico Superiore Insieme Terra Libera 2023
Verdicchio Classico Superiore Insieme Terra Libera 2023
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Verdicchio Classico Superiore Insieme Terra Libera 2023

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"A spontaneous wine made with passion and without compromise; a wine son of the variegated vineyard that generated it; a wine that I want to have the joy of sharing with you"

Verdicchio Insieme comes from a vineyard in Serra de Conti, in Contrada San Paterniano to be precise.

Although it is a single vineyard, it is a combination of different soils: clayey at the top that slopes downwards with a medium sandy texture until it reaches the bottom where it is composed only of sand. The slope is also very pronounced, starting at an altitude of 325 metres and descending to 250 metres. The vineyard lies on the slopes of two opposite hillsides that meet and unite.

After manual harvesting, the grapes are destemmed and undergo a soft pressing. Only the first-pressing must is taken, which is clarified by decantation, and fermentation is spontaneous.
Maturation on the fine lees lasts 6 months and takes place in steel containers.

Terra Libera Az. Agr - Serra de Conti

Terra Libera

Terra Libera is born with Gian Mario Bongini who, after growing up in Milan, chose to move to the Marche countryside that he loves so much.

His activity in wine world began in a company with other partners i n a well-known Verdicchio winery. In 2021, however, he decided to purchase a 7-hectare vineyard in the municipality of Serra de Conti on his own.

The vineyard is situated on hillsides of various exposures and with an elevation ranging from 250 to 325 meters. The composition of the soil is clayey in the highest part and, descending, silty and sandy.
Gian Mario chooses to follow the path of sustainability and low environmental impact by starting the total conversion to organic. Not only that, his vineyard management also includes the use of biodynamic techniques.

The first wine of his production is "Da Solo". It will soon come out with a new label named "Insieme"


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