Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore Extra Dry Prologo Marchiori
Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore Extra Dry Prologo Marchiori
Serve at: 6° - 8°C
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Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore Extra Dry Prologo Marchiori

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Prologo consists of Glera Tonda (85%) and the other ancient varieties such as Glera Lunga, Bianchetta, Verdiso and Perera. The vineyards are planted on calcareous marl soils with the presence of iron and aluminum silicates. Renewal of organic matter is achieved with use of compost and green manure. Fermentation in steel tanks is carried out by indigenous and selected yeasts. The second fermentation takes place in autoclaves.

Three Senses
Bright in appearance with rich foam and fine bubbles, the nose is floral with citrus and balsamic nuances. Tasty and harmonious, it is perfect for aperitifs, with light dishes including international cuisine

Marchiori Soc. Agr. S.S. Farra di Soligo (TV)

Winery Marchiori

"We harvest ancient autochthonous vines on our step hillsides by hand following the phases of the moonand the rhythms of nature. Vinification of the grapes from each slope is performed following specifically designed procedures using local yeasts so as to obtain local wines... "

12 hectares of vineyards divided into small plots resting on steep slopes that reach as steep as 60°. The climate that characterizes the area is Mediterranean, with not too high average temperatures typical of the pre-Alpine zone.

Sustainable agriculture has a low environmental impact.The vineyards represent ecosystems integrated into the existing landscape. Interventions on soils and plants are organized according to the phase of the moon. With the rising moon are performed, for example: pruning, rootstocks planting, bottling. While with the waning moon, operations such as: branch tying, manuring, grass cutting, decantation and assembly are performed.

The varieties grown and used are those native and typical of the Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore DOCG. In addition to Glera tonda, the best-known and most widespread, the following are also used: Glera lunga (with a more vegetal and spicy taste), Perera (more aromatic), Bianchetta (delicately spicy) and Verdiso (crisper, more acidic and balsamic hints).

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