Gin Da Hong Pao Bimber
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Gin Da Hong Pao Bimber

Gin Da Hong Pao Bimber

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Bimber Distillery's Da Hong Pao Gin is a roasted Oolong tea gin.

Da Hong Pao is one of the most expensive teas in the world, very rare and grows in the Wuji Mountains in southern China. It is an Oolong tea, thus characterized by oxidized, but also floral and sweet notes. 

Once dried, the tea leaves are steeped in gin and allowed to macerate for a long time to allow maximum aromatic extraction. The gin in which the infusion takes place is a gin whose main botanicals are juniper, coriander, angelica and iris.

Three Senses
Da Hong Pao is a dark-colored gin with oxidized, floral but also sweet notes. it is a versatile gin, to be enjoyed alone or in cocktails. From the most common Gin Tonic to more unique and innovative cocktails

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