Slovenia wines

Seven are white grape vines and five red in the Carso DOC (Kras in Slovenian): Chardonnay, Glera, Malvasia (from Malvasia istriana), Pinot grigio, Sauvignon, Traminer, Vitovska, Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Refosco and Terrano.
To characterize the uniqueness of Slovenian wines is surely the ground, the sharp and white light and especially the dedication of vineyards always in precarious balance between low yields and difficult pedo-climatic conditions.
Vitovska is a white grape vine, which has always been cultivated in the province of Trieste and in neighboring Slovenia.
Glera is a semi-aromatic vine and from glera grapes, in the province of Trieste is produced the Prosekar.
Malvasia is a semi-aromatic white berry variety, of which there are many varieties. Of ancient origins it seems however that the Malvasia cultivated in the area of ​​the DOC Carso is imported from neighboring Istria. Terrano is a red grape variety and is part of the family of refusals. Refosco is the grape variety, and Terrano is the wine produced, only allowed in some areas of the province of Trieste, Gorizia and in some areas of Slovenia.

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