Verdicchio Wines

We recognize ourselves in the land where we were born and where we saw Verdicchio vines growing over the years  turning ​​him in one of the most important white wine of our entire peninsula .

Far from the stereotypes and muted compared to other varieties, Verdicchio, has recently begun to amaze us with its older vintages and its reserves, although it is a white wine, known as young and fresh.

We keep in our vault some of the most sought vintages , which over the years have surprised us with the fragrance and personality that they still manage to keep.


Geological and Morphological Notes

The average altitude of the area of Verdicchio on the sea level varies from 75 meters to 550 meters.

Geologically the one situated in the middle valley of the river Esino and that includes both its slopes , the low valleys part of the right side of the middle valley of the Misa , can be divided into three bands : Band that comes from the mountain  that is made of marn arenaceous substrates that derives from the Miocene formed from land rather brittle , sometimes considerably calcareous; intermediate band that consists of medium-textured soils , formed by marly - arenaceous substrates - chalky dericed from the Miocene ; valley band formed by land rather compact , derived from the Pliocene composed of clay mixed with sand . This is the production area of ​​Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi.


To the left of the river Misa up to the hills of its tributary Nevola the territory consists of soils derived from clayey substrates of the Pliocene , very compact, especially in the higher areas in which there has been no mixing with silica and limestone ;  on the most gently slopes the soils are less compact , in the bottom of the valley the alluvial soil is sandy - clayey- calcareous.

On the whole it can be said that the soils are clayey-silty soils or loamy more or less compact , calcareous, they have sub- alkaline ph , they possess a low or medium amount of free phosphate treated, almost all have a good amount of potassium and are poor in substance organic .

They are recognized as being the best to enhance the finesse and perfume, the body and the sugar content and the clarity of the wine. With the nature of the soil the ventilation contribute to the quality of the product that keeps a good state of health of the vines and grapes.

On these hills occur then the optimal conditions with regard to temperature : mild during the period near to the blooming , warmer  with sunny days in the time of ripening; the termal excursion is not missing during the pre-harvest period, which favor the formation of aromas of the grapes that will be evident in the wines.


Among these cellar there are a lot of them nearer to our heart  you can find: Corrado Dottori con La Distesa, Fattoria il Coroncino, Fattoria San Lorenzo, Pievalta, La Staffa, Bucci, Santa Barbara, Bonci, Peruzzi... the list is really broad, till reaching the Verdicchio of Matelica zone with Cavalieri e Monacesca. Our selection is directed towards the ethic agriculture and toward the production of the natural wines that leave themself to be discovered a bit at a time but that give us memorable emotions.


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