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Galli Enoteca's wines

All along Galli Enoteca wine shop, the beautiful scent of the best italian and international grapes. A story of an Italian family and his passion for white wines, red wines, rosé wines, Champagne and more, which is passed down from two generations.
A story that was born with a real Italian wine shop (Enoteca) located in Senigallia in its historic city center, which thanks to the new generation is now the reference point for all wine lovers.

On our eCommerce you will found a wide selection of wines carefully selected by our professional sommeliers and a full telephone or e-mail assistance if you need further help or a quick tip to choose the right wine for your special moment. Please call us, It wiil be a pleasure to get to know you and guide you through our online wine shop.

Our favourite wines: soul wines

Best wines from our ecommerce straight to your doorstep

The wine is a part of men's life from centuries. Can you believe that the first vines have been found three hundred milion years ago, while the first traces of cultivation were founded for the first time on the shore of the Caspian sea. We can say that wine is a part of our global cultural heritage. That is strange but true, this special and good fruit of the earth with his different shapes, colours, tastes and aromas is now the phenomenon of the online sales as well.

The "vignerons"

The wineries described by Galli Enoteca

The wines, spirits (Rum, Gin, Whisky, Grappe, other spirits) gli Champagne, i Fine wines, regional wines such as Verdicchio, ecc ecc, sare selected with passion and competence from small and not so known producers to bigger ones. Producers of wines that trasformed their passion into a profession, men and women that belive in what they do with no tricks, using traditional methods and respecting mother nature. We know all our wines one by one, to only recommend you the best.

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From our blog

Everything you might never imagine about Prosecco

Prosecco represents an area to be preserved, the variety of grapes symbolizing a place and the expression of oenological projects that always refer to old knowledge. A rich indigenous diversity to be preserved, enhanced and, above all, defended from the upper hand of international grape varieties. A place where the balance between production and consumption is subtle but is also its strength, because in the middle stands the scenic beauty to be defended as a priceless legacy of nature.

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Sherry between history, tradition and curiosity. Let's discover it together!

Sherry. A product as delicious and interesting as it is difficult to interpret. The production process is characterized by being long and extremely meticulous. Barrel aging, which also varies in length, is a delicate and decisive moment. There is a hidden world inside the word Sherry and today we will try to explore it to discover all its secrets. 

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The Easter menu: wine and food suggestions to enjoy your guests

Time flies by and from panettone we are already grappling with the search for the best dove, artisanal chocolate eggs and, let's face it, we are already looking for an original or traditional menu for our Easter lunch or for the classic Easter Monday outing. It's always true that beyond the spirituality that the holiday represents, Easter is also an occasion for everyone of conviviality, tradition and especially those so-called "with whom you want" with whom to celebrate or just be together.   Add to that the fact that as the good Italians that we are, we always and only get together if around a table well laid with culinary delights.     So why not turn a traditional lunch into a gastronomic experience and sensational wine pairings?

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How important a great glass is for tasting wine. Choose yours!

Choosing the right wine glass for wine tasting is crucial. Besides contributing to the aesthetics of the experience, shape, size and material significantly influence the way we perceive and enjoy wine.  Investing in the choice of the ideal goblet is not just an act of aesthetics but a decision that enhances the sensory experience and appreciation of wine at its best.

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