What is Bordò Marche?


Bordò Marchigiano


Bordò is not a spelling mistake, nor a mispronunciation of the French Bordeaux, no Frenchism either in substance, Bordò Marche is an autochthonous vine, a historical biotype belonging to the Grenache family.
The search for its true origins is still underway, but in essence we can describe it as a rediscovered historic vine that does justice to the peasant memory of the Marche region, the result of a social and cultural action or perhaps more simply a true and courageous act of love, carried out by six vine growers who cloned the historic vine on piede franco (free foot) and wanted to give it a personal

A wine that before 2000 was never bottled, but sold loose, produced more for consumption by farming families than for commercial purposes. The fact is that this wine was immediately recognised as a nectar of superior stature, which could not be just any old Montepulciano. From an old free-range vineyard, a few bottles produced by the first people who understood its value, the first label bearing the name Bordò, soon became one of the standard-bearers of Piceno wine-growing.

A wine with many merits:

a dominant and wild character, well balanced by the marked acidity that gives it great ageing capacity. A complex wine, to be waited for to reveal itself little by little in the glass. A wine that
reflects not only the terroir, but also the man who lives it. It is a mirror of the character of the Marche region, closed at the beginning, averse to fashion, but of great substance and popla. It slowly speaks of itself with its complex nose of ripe and dried fruits, and its muscular taste.

But also two flaws:

very little production, high prices.


Who are the producers of Bordò Marche? Our selection:




Bordò Marchigiani Pantaleone


Pantaleone is the moat that runs at the foot of the valley in Colonnata Alta, 5 km from Ascoli Piceno, known since the ancient times for the extreme vitality of the soil, able to donate full bodied wines with great structure. It is predominantly frank clayey and has clay areas, sometimes pure, where organic substances are formed with great nutritional potential. The farm is a family run business on 50 hectares, of which 13 are grown with grapes at about 450m asl. The choice to be organic has been strongly desired since its origins, in order to respect the natural balance of the soil with the surrounding environment. Unique in its genre is the shape of the valley, which sees the vines as a small amphitheater. Exposure, height and position play an ideal role in creating the perfect thermal daytime and nighttime excursion to concentrate the aromas on the skins. Owned land is free to wildlife, which creates a blend of flora and fauna, away from the city, capable of generating healthy and genuine products. Balance, environment and territory are the soul of the Pantaleone winery.


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Bordò Marchigiani Dianetti


The Dianetti Farm was born from the union of "mom" Giuliana's valuable experience in viticulture and son Emanuele's passion for the world of wine. The company is located in Carassai, a village in the south of the Marche region in the heart of the Piceno area, in a splendid natural oasis on a hill in the southern side of the Val Menocchia. This narrow valley links the Sibillini Mountains to the Adriatic Sea and is crossed by warm sea breezes by day and chilly winds at night, producing an optimal microclimate for the vines which facilitate the creation of aromas of the grapes.The earth is a balanced mixture of silt, sand and clay, enriched by limestone and made permeable by gravel. Here, from the historical Montepulciano and Pecorino vines, originate wines with distinctive character and personality.



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Clara Marcelli


Bordò Marchigiani Clara Marcelli

In the Marche's microclimate just between the Apennines and the Adriatic coast, Clara Marcelli owns 35 hectares of hilly terrain, of which 14 are planted with grapes. The wine is produced by the only vineyards, cultivated under a certified organic regime, with the aim of offering a real product, symbol and summary of the people and traditions of the earth. The harvest is handmade, as it once was, by selecting the cluster grapes on each plant. The passion for quality wines combines the company life with the one of the nearby Marco Casolanetti, Oasi degli Angeli, who works as a consultant both in the vineyard and in the cellar.


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