La Marca Di San Michele

La Marca Di San Michele Cantina


Ours is the story of so many, it is the story of Calzinaz who declared: "My grandfather made bricks, my dad made bricks, I made the bricks myself ... but where is my home?"

Our grandparents made wine, our fathers had no choice but to help them, before taking another road, theirs, and we, our children, we did not help anyone to make wine, we did Took another street, towards the cities. Then we went back to make wine. Beloved and curious of the city, but wanting to combine it with the beauty of this brand. It is said that the wind makes its turn and so the vine, but it is not a turn of our lives.

We work with two vines here that are born here and their roots sink: the Verdicchio, that sat on these hills darken the mountain, stretching its feet to the sea, and Montepulciano. We try to respect the earth, following its natural cycles, trying to cure its moods, but not using chemicals or pesticides.

We work a lot with our hands, although the hoe is not always poetic. We do not mistore our friends when they help us, in the cellar we just started to follow Panoramix's steps by playing with natural yeasts and reducing the amount of sulfur, but without wanting to fight the fate. Our goal is to produce a wine where these lands are recognizable.

We like to make wine, but most of all we like to drink it and drink it in the company of friends, even better if spoiled by music, comics and photography or only by laughter. We do not see wine as the ultimate end, but rather as a mean that has always allowed us to do more.
After all, it's just wine what we do.

We naturally cultivate only verdicchio grapes of our property on a clayey calcareous soil at 350/400 mt above sea level in the San Michele district. Verdicchio vineyards are classified in the typology
DOC, Superior Classical.
The pruning of the guyot, as well as the chamfering, the chamfering and the spinning are done manually.
As fertilizer, we only use a pile of fable and antioxidant treatments and peronospores pure sulfur (from mining and non-derivative oil) and copper (not synthesis) to minimum doses.
The Bordeaux mousse at the end of the season.
We do not use antibotritics and underfile mechanical processing replaces the desiccants.
Harvesting of grapes is strictly made by hand and in cassettes with an average yield of the vineyard of 70 ql / ha.

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