Domaine Lapierre

Following in Marcel's footsteps, the Lapierre family manages this Domaine which has become legendary thanks to the personality of the WINEMAKER who passed away prematurely. We have written down capital letters because the figure of Marcel proves to be incisive and indispensable in a moment of transition for wine. According to Jules Chauvet's guidance, he first started it with courage and carried out all the ancestral lighting techniques for making a wine. Spontaneous fermentations and almost minimal use of sulfur dioxide by the early 1980s were no longer adopted by any winery. Winemakers had all surrendered to the sirens of synthetic products and instant cures for vineyard diseases. Marcel Lapierre was a lighthouse for many, strong with an energy that we have experienced and will carry with us forever.

Today the Domaine is excellently run by Mathieu and Camille Lapierre, his sons. Mathieu after studying oenology trained alongside Marcel and today is the cellar manager. Passionate about history, chemistry, physics and archaeology as well as gastronomy, he proves to be a talented, skilled and competent producer, unique characteristics to continue the work.

Domaine Lapierre now has 18 hectares under vine, all in the Morgon appellation. The vineyards all in Gamay rest on granite soils, the true characteristic of this wine area. Viticulture at Domaine Lapierre imprinted on an ideal of purity, authenticity and respect for the elements.

Winemaking is conducted almost exclusively with the technique of semi-carbonic maceration, fermentations take place thanks to the work of indigenous yeasts and with some exceptions without the addition of SO2. Aging takes place in wooden barrels that are never new for about 24 months.

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