Vigneti Vumbaca

Vigneti Vumbaca

The Vumbaca Vineyard Company is based in Cirò and covers an area of about 13 Ha of which 6 Ha has cultivated a vineyard with rammed cordon and sapling breeding systems, on partly hilly soils of medium clayey-sandy and clayey-calcareous dough. All organically conducted.

The company is now led by Christian Vumbaca, who, after about fifteen years spent in Rome between university studies and work at a prestigious law firm, decides to set aside toga and codes and return to his native land to follow the company created by his mother Silvana and uncle Enzo.

Christian, after a short experience in a Cirotana winery, in 2019, decides to start transforming his grapes giving life to Vigneti Vumbaca and realizing, therefore, the dream of a lifetime: "to produce his own wine".

The company is attentive to the care of its vineyards following the cultivation traditions and the restoration of the old vineyards cultivated in Alberello (hence the choice of the company logo) and focusing on native Gaglioppo and Greco Bianco vines, with an eye also to Magliocco and Pecorello.

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