Vigne di San Lorenzo

Vigne di San Lorenzo Campiume

Filippo Manetti has already been sailing in the world of "natural" wine for 25 years. In fact, his dream began in 1997, when he decided to buy an entire abandoned village, that of "Campiume", with adjoining vineyards. The desire not to make the past agricultural history disappear in the countryside of Brisighella, the hope of not losing the traces of that gastronomic and enological culture so rooted in the territory, lead Filippo to work first on the wines and then take care of the village by restructuring some environments and creating a high-level accommodation facility. The widespread village comes to life, the experiences of vinification and milling of one of the most envied varieties of Italy follow one another year after year, allowing Filippo Manetti to establish himself more and more as a winemaker with a refined hand especially on the Sanviovese grape. The experiments of maceration on the skins of Albana also began immediately and many comparisons with the close-knit group of Bioviticultori winemakers began, thanks to which many enthusiasts began to discover how much wealth the territory of Brisighella and its surroundings has within itself. Today Filippo has built a new winery and acquired other old vines to take care of. He always remains the curious and thoughtful winemaker with a wise winemaking hand, but he has acquired a total awareness with which he creates wines of absolute depth.

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