Badalucco de la Iglesia Garcia

Winery Badalucco de la Iglesia Garcia

Badalucco de la Iglesia Garcia is a name that one wonders about first of all because of its origin. In fact, to describe this winery we must start by placing the pointer on Sicily and precisely between Mazara del Vallo and Marsala. Pierpaolo Badalucco was born in this territory, the last of a generation of workers in close contact with the land. Precisely on these Red Lands the vine, thanks also to the proximity of the sea, finds fertile soil.

When Pierpaolo meets Beatriz in her home region of Andalusia, he also finds many similarities with the vineyards in the Jerez area. With great tenacity and passion he convinced Beatriz de La Iglesia Garcia to move to Sicily and continue to safeguard the family genetic heritage, enriching it with two Spanish vines, Tempranillo and Verdejo, thus creating a synergy between Italy and Spain. This also explains why their company is called Dos Tierras.

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