Scriptorium - Corridonia - Macerata


A place of silence and dedication, which we could call the treasure chest that preserved knowledge in past centuries, located in monasteries generally communicating with the library. In this room, lit by skylights, the amanuensis, mostly monks, were busy copying manuscripts. In the other rooms of the monasteries, the monks occupied their time studying and researching plants and herbs, refining their distillation techniques to produce aromatic liqueurs prized throughout Europe.

"My experience behind the counter is now decades. Curiosity and the desire to do things have also led me to work outside the Marche region, in environments where I have been able to delve into the world of mixing and distillates. In particular, I have always been fascinated by those distillates that represent a place, a history, a legend. This is in fact what I wanted to bring back into Scriptorium Gin: Le Marche, my homeland.'

(Lorenzo Castricini)

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