Domaine d'Eugenie - Vosne Romanée

Domaine d'Eugenie

René Engel, who passed away in 1986, was a key figure for Burgundy in the early twentieth century. An enterprising Wine Mearchant, as well as a university professor of recognized worth and charisma, he contributed to training the generation of winemakers who would soon relaunch the fortunes of Burgundy wine (including Henry Jayer). In addition to this, Engel has acquired a vineyard heritage of absolute value, almost entirely in the Vosne Romanèe territory. These properties were then resumed in the nineties by his nephew Philippe who created musically perfect wines. After his untimely death, the Domaine was purchased by the Pinault group which also manages Chateau Latour, Clos de Tart and Chateau Grillet, among others. A path of biodynamic viticulture was started immediately and, although moving on to more measured wines, it remains essential to be able to taste certain lots of Burgundian vineyards

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