Ada Nada - Treiso (CN)

ada nada winery

Ada Nada is a small family-run winery located in Treiso, a small town 5 km from Alba, and has its roots in 1919 when Carlo Nada started the winemaking business in the Rombone locality. Since 2001 Anna Lisa and her husband Elvio have taken over the reins of the winery.

From the initial extension of 3 hectares, they arrived, after successive acquisitions, at a total of 9 hectares of vineyard area with main southwest exposure and an average altitude of 300 meters above sea level.

The vineyards, located around the winery, are largely included in the important Valeirano and Rombone subzones. The average age of the vines is around 40 years. All work on the vines is done exclusively by hand and with the utmost respect for the land and nature. Even the harvest, carried out strictly by hand, is evaluated for each individual vineyard with sampling aimed at obtaining the highest quality.

The winery, located inside the 18th-century farmhouse, houses 3,000-liter oak barrels used for aging Barbaresco and some barriques used mainly for aging Barbera Superiore and Langhe Rosso.

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