Antoine Lienhardt - Comblanchien

Antoine Lienhardt

Antoine Lienhardt, a young man full of energy and talent, decided together with his sister Heloise to take over the management of the family domaine, located in Comblanchien, near Nuits Saint Georges in 2011. He immediately put his motto "water, air and soil" into practice first with the conversion to organic (with Ecocert certification since 2019) and then to biodynamics.

Antoine is enthusiastic about how the vineyards of the domaine, predominantly limestone and with an age ranging from fifty to seventy years, demonstrate that they appreciate the use of natural methods and spare no effort to improve their performance, from processing with the use of horse up to the winter cover based on clover, corn and Chinese root. From the vineyard to the wine it is a short step also because in the cellar Antoine works with absolute respect for the raw material, trying as much as possible not to alter the fruit of the efforts made in the vineyard.

The winemaking takes place in steel, strictly with whole bunches and with indigenous yeasts. After which the wines pass, by gravity, into barrels of different shapes from the traditional 228l piece up to tonneaux of varying sizes from 350l to 600l and all of which have at least one passage. Recently, Antoine has introduced the use of cement and ceramic with very promising results. The stated objective is to produce wines of great olfactory and gustatory expressiveness.

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