Join us in building the future of wine culture.
We decided to put new technologies at the service of the ancient knowledge that is Wine Culture.

Voice technology is in its first stages, with your help we will be able to "train" the system to improve the answers and in a few months we will have a tool that with simplicity and immediacy responds to your needs and questions.

We are at the first publication and we need you, to test the skills, analyse the correct and wrong answers. But above all, we would like to understand what your questions are and improve the conversations.

Based on this path we will take together over the coming months, we will integrate and improve the conversations and add the features you ask for.

As a thank you for giving us a few minutes of your time at the end of the survey you will receive a coupon by email that will entitle you to a 5% OFF.

What to do

Read below how to call the skill and what to ask for

Try the skill on Alexa or Google Assistant, Google Home

Answer 7 questions about your experience through the online survey

Receive a 5% discount on your next purchase

If you use Alexa

If you have an Alexa device, you can summon the skill by saying.
"Alexa open Galli Enoteca"
or directly perform a question by anticipating it with
"Alexa, ask Galli Enoteca..."
"Alexa, ask Galli Enoteca what this month's offers are."

If you do not have an Alexa device but still want to try the skill you can download the Alexa app on your smartphone that allows you the same operations.
In this link you have all information about the skill on Alexa (skill Alexa)

If you use Google Home or Google Assistant

If you have a Google Home device, you can trigger the action by saying
"Ok Google let me talk to Galli Enoteca"
or directly effect a question by anticipating it with
"Hey , ask Galli Enoteca..."
"Ok Google ask Galli Enoteca which wine to pair with a seafood dish."

You can also use Google Assistant on all Android devices.

What you can ask, some examples

The four areas of conversation at the moment are Frequently Asked Wine Questions, This Month's Deals, Pairing Wines with Food, About Galli Enoteca.
We provide here some examples of phrases you can try but of course have fun asking what you want, that's what the test is for us to do. After summoning the app (as indicated above) you can ask:

  • “At what temperature do you serve white wine?”
  • "What is a natural wine?"
  • “Who is Galli Enoteca?”
  • "What wines are on offer this month?"
  • "What wine do you recommend for a mushroom risotto?"

If you have tested Alexa's skill or Google's app

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