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Age limit

With reference to Italian law, purchases on the Galli Enoteca website are reserved only and exclusively to those who have reached the age of 18. In case of purchases by non-Italian citizens, the purchase is possible only if they are of legal age, according to their national law for the consumption of alcohol. If national law does not provide for legislation in this regard, the age limit is considered to be 25 years.
In any case, the customer undertakes to release Galli Enoteca from any purchase that does not respect the age limits imposed by law.

Order legality

In case of orders from customers who have violated the terms of sale of Galli Enoteca, or from customers who have had legal disputes with Galli Enoteca, or from customers who are found to be involved in fraud regarding credit card payments, or from customers who do not demonstrate sufficient guarantees of solvency, or who have entered incorrect or incomplete information for which it is impossible to find them, Galli Enoteca reserves the right to cancel the order.

Product information errors

In case of errors related to the product, or information that has changed over time and has not been updated by Galli Enoteca, such as product information sheet, price, alcohol content, vintage, availability, etc., the customer may decide to cancel the order and will be refunded, or Galli Enoteca will be careful to propose a different product that meets the demands and expectations of the customer, with the payment or refund of any difference.

For the vintage or type of the product, the image, which may not be up-to-date, will not be authentic, but the name of the item or product details within the data sheet will be.

In the event that the image shows one vintage and the name and product details another, only and exclusively the case in which the vintage of the name and product details is not responsive will be considered refundable.

Right of withdrawal

Purchases on are subject to the provisions of Legislative Decree no. 21 of 21 February 2014 amending and supplementing Legislative Decree 206/2005).

The right of withdrawal is regulated as follows:

  • The returned products must be intact and in their original packaging: for damaged or altered products it will not be possible to make use of the right of withdrawal.
  • This right is reserved for natural persons only: resellers are therefore excluded.
  • The right of withdrawal is valid for 14 days after receipt of the goods.

In order to send it, it is necessary to send us a registered letter with return receipt within 14 days from the date of receipt of the goods, to Galli Enoteca via Pisacane, 2 Senigallia AN, indicating the order number, the date of the order, the products or the product for which you intend to request the withdrawal, indicating the code(s) of the item(s) and the method(s) of refund as per the initial payment made.
Then the customer will receive a confirmation e-mail to agree on the method(s) of refund and return. The return of the product(s) must take place within 14 days from the receipt of the customer's communication and will always be followed by the refund by Galli Enoteca.

The goods, in perfect condition and integrity, must be returned in their original packaging by courier sent by Galli Enoteca after having agreed on the day of collection with the customer. The right of withdrawal cannot be exercised by the Customer if the purchased products have been opened, tampered with or modified by the Customer himself.
The shipping costs are at the expense of the Customer who benefits from the right of withdrawal and are equal to the shipping costs listed by number and destination in our website under payments and shipping.

In general, as far as not expressly written, the rules of law on distance contracts apply. Any controversy in any case connected to the present, will be devolved to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Court of Ancona.

PAY ATTENTION: All returns (to be perfectly intact and accompanied by original packaging) must be authorized by Galli Enoteca who will issue a return authorization number (RMA). Once you receive your RMA number, the customer can return the product to the following address: Galli Enoteca, Via Pisacane 2, 60019 Senigallia (Ancona). Packages are not accepted on delivery.

Cork-related problems

Should the client find on one or more bottles a problem related to the cork (TCA), he must immediately contact Galli Enoteca. The client will be asked to send at his own expense only the cork in question, by letter envelope, to Galli Enoteca - Via Pisacane, 2 - 60019 - Senigallia. Galli Enoteca, upon receipt, will verify that the problem related to TCA is present in the cork and will correspond to a discount coupon equal to the value of the purchased product.

Order receipt

Upon receipt of the order the customer must check the integrity of the package and number of packages and possibly accept with reserve. In case of discrepancies you must send us a photo and description no later than 12 hours after delivery. The seller will use the option of considering a refund or reinstatement. Requests received more than 12 hours after delivery will not be considered.


Galli Enoteca immediately refund the customer who purchases with a credit card or with PayPal if anything is missing at the time of the order of the products in the warehouse. You can choose whether to replace the missing product with another product, or be refunded immediately, with the secure PayPal system.

Limitations of liability

Galli Enoteca cannot be considered responsible for possible damages deriving from delays or non-delivery of the order, if this is exclusively due to events beyond the seller's control and the seller has acted with the utmost effort to prevent the above events and/or resolve their consequences.

Privacy policy

Galli Enoteca guarantees the protection of privacy and the responsible use of information relating to its customers. Please read the following regarding our disclosures. It is based on the Italian legislation on the protection of privacy (Article. 13th Leg. 196/03 and subsequent document "Requirements for the collection of information online," the European Union). At this legislation have been added to the international standards to guarantee the quality of our service to the customer, wherever he is.

Use of informations

On our site you are filling out forms for the registration of its name, to request information and to purchase our products and services. The personal data provided (email, phone, address, etc..) Will be used to send the requested information, to initiate the purchase and if necessary to complete the purchase online (financial information, credit card numbers, maturities of credit card, shipping address, etc.)., and billing procedures.
You will receive information about new services, special offers and news that we cover. The information provided will not be granted to other individuals and / or companies. It will be possible to withdraw from the inclusion sending an email to


Galli Enoteca in its effort to meet its customers requests and collects the most useful information to ensure proper service. This information will be stored in corporate databases and will not be sold or rented out. Each customer will receive updates about new products.

IP address

Galli Enoteca could, if necessary, make use of the IP address of the customer to monitor and correct operation of the server and the management of the site. The IP address of the customers could also be used to collect demographic data on turnout, the manner of use and the traffic generated by the site. This information will help us to make more efficient online services and improve the design and usability of the site.

Regulatory changes

If there were to be changes to the privacy policy and the management of information released by users / clients, these changes would only affect new subscribers and would not have retroactive effect. The new "privacy policy" will be regularly published on the site

Removing email

If you do not wish to receive announcements or special offers, have been prepared with the following procedures:

  • Email: to be removed from the mailing list, send an email to with "Remove" in the subject. Within two weeks of the request will be processed.
  • Profile: To be removed from the mailing list using the appropriate option in your profile.

Final agreement

The use of the site and purchasing our product, the registered user consents to the collection and use of information as expressed in this document. Any updates or changes to the rules outlined above will be valid for new subscribers and will be communicated to time and published on the site.


Galli Enoteca is a registered trademark. All contents, images, descriptions and everything contained in the site are the property of Galli Enoteca.
It is forbidden the total or partial reproduction of any part of the site; it is also forbidden the reproduction of texts and or photos for any use and in any form and in any case without prior written authorization from Galli Enoteca.

Competent court

These terms and any disputes regarding the interpretation and validity of this contract are subject to Italian law. The parties undertake to devolve any dispute, within the limits of applicable legislation, to the jurisdiction of the Court of Ancona.

How to contact us

For more questions about the "privacy policy", the procedures provided by this site and the use that has been made, please contact:

Our staff is available Monday to Saturday from 09:000 to 20:00 GMT + 1:00.

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