Gin London Dry JGin

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Type Gin
Alcohol 43.0%
Dimension 0,70 l
Country Italy
Region Marche

JGin is the first London dry made in the Vallesina, in Jesi to be precise. The botanicals are carefully selected following the organic supply chain as much as possible.

The main ones are: juniper, elderberry, rosehip, fig leaf and dandelion. A sign of recognition is definitely also the Verdicchio leaf among the chosen botanicals. It gives the gin a sweet note, with light hints of white flowers and yellow or white-fleshed fruit.

Another key ingredient is undoubtedly the alcohol used in the distillation, and in JGin, this ingredient is also carefully selected and organic. JGin is distilled in a certified pure copper discontinuous still.

Three Senses
JGin is a crystal-clear gin with a bold, dry taste balanced by floral hints, especially of elderflower and rosehip. The dandelion gives a slight bitter note sweetened by the more exotic notes coming instead from the fig leaf. The medium-long finish gives softness and delicacy typical of verdicchio leaf.

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Gin London Dry JGin