Grappa Alla Ruta Distilleria Gualco

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Cellar Distilleria Gualco
Type Grappa
Alcohol 50.0%
Dimension 0,70 l
Country Italy
Region Piemonte

As per the Piedmontese tradition, a rue grappa could not be missing. Cultivated in the home garden and bottled as soon as it is picked, under a grappa with a strong alcohol content. The pomace is Piedmontese red and rests in the bottle for at least 3 months before being put on the market.

Three Senses
Bright green in color, it has clear hints of rue. The sip is robust and slightly bitter. Long finish.

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Distilleria Gualco

Gualco Distillery

Founded in 1870 by Paolo Gualco, a former cooper by profession, the Gualco distillery is one of the few to boast over 150 years of family history. Paul’s sons and nephews undertook a solitary career as distillers, and then gathered the various branches into the hands of Susanna Gualco, the fourth generation. Susanna’s son, Alessandro Soldatini, was the worthy heir and still contributes to the production by joining the sixth generation at the head of the company, his son Giorgio.

The alembic used is a bain-marie Piemontese, the only patented in the region. It’s a discontinuous plant that allows you to get only 10-15 liters for each cooking. The bain-marie prevents high temperatures to avoid smoke and burning. In addition, the Piedmontese method is a system that adds nothing to the pomace, neither water nor other, not even the lees that can cause the worst defects in the grappa. The only humidity is that naturally present in the pomace after pressing. To continue on the purest philosophy, the fuel used are the exhausted pomace of previous cooked.

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Grappa Alla Ruta Distilleria Gualco