Storica Riserva Schnapps Domenis

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Type Grappa
Alcohol 50.0%
Dimension 0,50 lt
Country Italy
Region Friuli Venezia Giulia

The historic Domenis reserve grappa is a blend of grappas with aging for at least 18 months, which is placed in old oak barrels, their wood releases the characteristic amber color. The distillation is done in a discontinuous system with eight copper stills, with direct steam. The use of direct steam at low temperature (just over 100 °), which is injected at the base of the stills, makes it possible to extract the volatile components from the marcs without damaging them, especially the aromatic ones. The amber color fascinates with its determined and sincere perfumes. It remains to the taste with a typical intensity, elegant in the duration and fineness of the olfactory sensors.

Three Senses
Light up the glass with its amber color. Defined aromas, immense in variety and depth, tactile sensations that can only be experienced during the tasting of this aged distillate.
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Serve at: 18°C

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