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Weingut Befehlhof

"For us Befehlhof is not just a maso, a winery for agricultural production, it is our home, an environment where we introduce our creativity. Each in our own way. We take liberties, we decide on the directions in which we go but, in the end, nature shows us the way."

In the heart of the Venosta Valley, the Schuster family, and especially Magdalena, who now heads the winery management, is committed to creating wines that reflect the terroir they come from, growing only indigenous varieties such as Fraueler, Pinot Blanc Riesling and Pinot Noir.

The vineyards are located at an altitude of 720 meters, and the vines grow on sandy-shale soils. The resulting wines are fruity, mineral and lively, particularly long-lived. Since 2013 vineyards have been managed organically, and from 2022 the wines will also be certified as such.

The winery's philosophy is based on the firm belief that it is nature that chooses the fate of the wines. The environment is constantly changing and it is humans who must adapt to it. The Schuster family is, therefore, always developing, experimenting and continuing to learn about nature itself.

Magdalena's father, Oswald, is in charge of the distillery where grappas and brandies are produced from grapes and fruit typical of the Venosta Valley.


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