Madera Verdelho 5 Anni Blandy'S

More Information
Type Fortified Wine
Grapes Verdelho
Varietal Madeira
Cellar Blandy'S
Dimension 0,75 lt
Country Portugal
Region Madeira
Pairings Blue Cheese, Chocolate
Delivered in 14/15 working days
Serve at: 14°-16°C



The island of Madeira, counts a mountain range above sea-level the mountains runs the length of the island, dividing it in micro areas and developing seven different micro-climates. Having effects on the vineyards.
The clima is sub-tropical and temperate, thanks to that and to the the fertile volcanic soils the island can host different kinds of crops.
the majority of the vineyards are relatively small. Vineyards can be found from sea level up to an altitude of 800 meters, situated in small terraces to maximize the use of land.
Madeira is rich in "terroirs". Due to the island position the vineyards are exposed to the ocean breeze and the grapes from vineyards planted at lower levels can show saline and iodine notes.
The soils are acidic, the presence of mineral is high and we can find iron and phosphor,as a matter of fact the acidity is one key point to permit the wine  to be fresh even after ages.