Mezcal Espadin Joven Verde Amaras

Serve at: 8°-10°C
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Type Other Spirits
Alcohol 42.0%
Dimension 0,70 l
Country Mexico

Rey Campero is the Original brand of the La Herencia de Sanchez and is the ideal representative of the Candelaria Yegolé area, a small town of just over 100 souls, very few young people, and made up of families dedicated to the cultivation of agave. While the region does not offer many possibilities, nature has been generous with the agave, giving an ideal soil and climate for spontaneous growth. In fact, there are over 10 qualities of Agave cultivated for the production of Mezcal.

At Herencia de Sanchez it has been grown for 7 generations and they know exactly when the plant is ripe to enter the production cycle. Once cooked, the hearts of the agave are ground, fermented and distilled. The whole process is handcrafted and conducted as per family tradition. With the conical stone oven of the river, a donkey that moves the stone mill, the wooden barrels for fermentation and the copper alembic. Here the distillation is double, it is lost in quantity but it is bought in quality, as it is easy to see from the first taste.

Espadin is the most used in the Oaxaca region for the production of Mezcal, and there are over 20 variants and it is the one that matures in 'only' 7-10 years. When ripe, the plant measures about 1.5m in width and 1m in height.

Three Senses
Perfumes of fresh exotic fruit, mineral and properly smoky. Hints of licorice, tamrindo, wild fennel... The palate is dense and enveloping. A Mezcal with an exceptional value for money.

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Mezcal Espadin Joven Verde Amaras