Salvo Colle Florido

Serve at: 12°-14°C
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Type Red Wine
Grapes Varietà Autoctone Locali
Varietal Vino Rosso
Produced Bottles 2000
Alcohol 13.0%
Cellar Colle Florido
Dimension 0,75 l
Agricolture lutte raisonnée, natural yeasts, organic agriculture
Country Italy
Region Abruzzo
Pairings Roasted Meat, BBQ and Grilled Meat, Red Meat, Duck, Aged Cheeses, Offal, Cooked Sausages, Pasta with meat , Seasoned Salumi
contiene solfiti / contains Sulphites

Salvo is a pure Montepulciano from the same salt grass vineyard. A red that is finally born, following an greater possibility every year of Colle Florido to grow, not so much in quantity, but in structure and organization. The trunk vats increase and the possibility of refining Salted Grass as long as it needs it is concrete. Salvo is processed according to Abruzzo tradition, i.e. 3/4 days of maceration with skins. Once unscrewed, the fermentation is finished without the skins. A soft pressing extracts only the flower monster that will refine in 30 hectolitre trunk vats. 

Three Senses
Red with very bright purple tones. The salty herb has a clean fruit nose that is reminiscent of a little finesse. The balsamic note characterizes the wine, then comes the moment of aromatic herbs and spices. Soft, velvety and coherent, he managed to reward the energy of the vine. A great drink with meat

Colle Florido

Colle Florido


Colle Florido is a town located between Pianella and Moscufo in Abruzzo. And it is here that Daniela and Andrea, the thinkers of Colle Florido, find the first vineyards to be managed to give life to their project. A couple respectful of nature, who after living experiences abroad, choose to return to the lands of origin of Daniela and dedicate themselves to family and wine. Because Andrea Ugolotti has always communicated with the wine: sommelier with high experience in starred restaurants in Europe, has always been strongly attracted to good, genuine and natural wine. In the course of his career he has approached many real winemakers, in Italy and especially in France, with whom he has exchanged ideas and opinions and has learned from them also many secrets of the vineyard and the earth. Today Colle Florido has three differrent splintered parcels on 4 hectares of vineyard, planted in Trebbiano and Montepulciano, to give birth to Il Postino (white) and Erba Salata (red).

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Un ottimo Montepulciano in purezza, fratellino piccolo dell'Erba Salata ma che regala comunque ottime sensazioni.
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