Whisky Quarter Cask Laphroaig

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Type Whisky
Alcohol 48.0%
Dimension 0,70 l
Region Isle of Islay

Quarter Cask is a smaller cask, a quarter in fact, compared to the whiskey aging standard. The wood / liquid ratio is higher and accelerates aging favoring the transmission of the sweet scents of the wood, thus creating a perfect balance with the classic Laphroaig peat.

Three Senses
Rich in toffee on the nose, with American hazelnut and citrus peel that appears on a background reminiscent of a Marsala ice cream. Distinctive well balanced peat. On the palate it is creamy, dense and sweet, vanilla but spicy and peaty, light hints of cereals. The finish is a reminder of custard, ripe fruit and cigar ash.

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