Rosé Wines

The rosé wines in summer: a delight when you get a fresh bottle of refrigerator, in a glaze overflowing with ice to dissipate the summer heat, on the beach maybe at sunset, in a chiringuito with your feet in the sand, paired with a shellfish or fish soup and why not, with a gourmet pizza with three cherry tomatoes. Rosé wines can be obtained from red grapes alone, from a blend of red and white grapes (n.b. not wine) or from rosé grapes, that is from grapes with little pigmentation, the types of rosé wines are different but the most used techniques are two: draining (direct pressing) and bleeding (bleeding or saignée). The moments a rose wine can give, the pleasing sensations of fresh fruit, its seductive, versatile, informal and joyful character, are enough to consecrate its moment of glory. Read more about rosé wines

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