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In the small barrel there is good wine! It says an old popular saying, but Galli Enoteca feels to deny it. Just so, in large formats, such as Magnun, Jeroboam, wine is better, wider deeper, more complete than its notes. Especially in the Magnum.

Will it be because of the big barrel the passage to the 0.75 liter bottle sacrifices it in a smaller environment? Maybe. Sure that wine being nature has its own life, and without going into speeches of philosophy and without creating any idol, perhaps even for wine is like switching from a comfortable shoe to one with two numbers less.

Among the great sizes: Franciacorta bubbles, reds and whites of the Marche, Tuscan, French, Slovene, and the rest of the world. Discover the great barrel wine: Mosnel, Kunri, Amarone Tedeschi, Franciacorta Uberti, Phatos Santa Barbara, Rosso Conero Rossini Pievalta, Champagne Bereches et Fils, Ca Del Bosco, Bellavista ...


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