Fine Wines

Have fun choosing great wines for your cellar or for your special moments!

Galli Enoteca keeps its best oenologic discoveries in a cellar that is a true caveau where the most precious bottles mature and age, and where, and where, discovering vintage collections, there are bottles of rare aging and still with an extraordinary fragrance.


In the Caveau, the great wines rest and mature lying, at a controlled temperature, with climatic features that ensure perfect preservation: Humidity - Temperature - Light - Smells - Vibrations - Shelves - Bottle position.


Among the most precious labels: Domaine Mikulski, Amarone Monte Dei Ragni, Barolo Monprivato Mascarello, Barolo Bartolo Mascarello, Porto Quinta Do Noval, Chateau Petrus, Arbois Jacques Puffeney, Sassicaia Tenuta San Guido, Champagne Cristal, Champagne Roederer, Barolo Tre Tini Rinaldi Giuseppe ...

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