7 Juntos Micro Bio Wines 2022
7 Juntos Micro Bio Wines 2022
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7 Juntos Micro Bio Wines 2022

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7 Juntos Micro Bio Wines, comes out every year with four or five monovarietals. The front label is always the same, but differs in name from the winery's other reds.

The name of Sietejuntos comes alone, because initially there were 7 small deposits that the winemaker Ismael made, 7 are the barrels of tempranillo, 7 are the varietals with which he has fun in Microbio wines, 7 is a cabalistic number that follows him and gives him luck...

This year the vine is 100% Merlot, with a couple of weeks of maceration in steel vats and then rest for about a year and a half in 228 L barriques.

MicroBio Wines

Ismael Gozalo in vigna con un bicchiere di vino

Ismael Gozalo was born in Nieva, Spain, a pueblo of 150 souls at an altitude of 1,000 meters in the Meseta plateau, to a family dedicated to viticulture for five generations.

This area has always had a vocation for viticulture and tangible proof of this is the age of the vines, all pre-phylloxera with an average age of 150 years.

The sandy soils that characterize these areas have not allowed phylloxera to take root.

Most of Ismael Gozalo's vineyards are from the pre-phylloxera period; the younger vineyards, on the other hand, have undergone mass selection from the most prestigious vines and thus have priceless DNA.

The unique winemaking heritage, guarantees Ismael an excellent quality of raw material, which he in turn manages to transform with great sensitivity and experience, being on his 28th vintage.

This incredible reality is supported by a team of 4 young guys, who have been following and supporting him for years in this project, which he likes to call "EQUIPO DE LA RESISTENCIA" or more simply "Familia".

The common thread in Ismael Gozalo's wines, are the savory notes that characterize them, given by the fact that, in the past, where the vineyards now stand there was the sea. The white wines come from Verdejo grapes, all vinified with different techniques, while for the reds he uses Tempranillo, Syrah and Merlot.

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