Meditation Wines

"Meditation Wine" is an expression coined by the greatest mentor of Italian enoic journalism, Luigi Veronelli, who wanted to ennoble a category of wines too often not fully understood. We speak of sweet wines, from the end of the meal, but also of the long-aged wines.


And then meditation why? Maybe because they suggest meditative moments? Or because the winemaker has long thought about how to produce the best? Or because, with a glass in which to turn a Borgono or a Barolo Chinato, or a Sauternes, you can pair a nice book in front of a fireplace or a beautiful landscape and perhaps some philosophical divagation with a dear person?


Everyone can find his interpretation, the objective fact that these wines have much to tell, almost as much as the time they leave the grapes to wither or the long ripening on the gratings .


Among our selection you will find Sauternes, Chateau D'Yquem, Barolo Chinato, Borgogno, wither wines like Verdicchio Curina di Pievalta, Khamma of Salvatore Murana, Malvasia delle Lipari, Recioto or the Beerenauslese of Kracher ... discover them all.

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