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Vitovska Amber Lupinc 2019
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Vitovska Amber Lupinc 2019

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First year of production for this Vitovska Macerata for a long time on the skins. Matej has embarked on the path of maceration with this wine, the wine in contact with the skins for 14 days. First of all, it is a question of making a foot of winemaking with indigenous yeasts, and then grafting it into the mass, without forcing the initial oxidations. If the process is then drawn off and placed in the oak tonneau for maturation which lasts about 3 years.

The vitovska grape needs soils rich in rocks to express its freshness. The territory of the Italian Karst is the most suitable for welcoming this vine. In particular, from the Lupinc house you can admire both the light that reflects on the bunches and the influence on the enrichment of the grapes. The Mediterranean climate and loamy clay soils complete a perfect morphological and climatic picture. Finally, do not forget the presence of the Bora, which blows stiffly and protects the vines against low humidity and causing the formation of fungal diseases.

HAVE A LOOK AT THE VIDEO INTO THE VINE | Lupinc tells us his Vitovska



Traveling in the Carso both Italian or Slovenian guarantees an opening to nature, because those places refracts light so strong to illuminate the landscape unlike any other place. The Lupinc family, the third generation installed at Duino, can see the open sea and the city of Grado. A breathtaking view. Even the vineyards enjoy this landscape, with a south exposure that ensures full maturation of the grapes. Matej Lupinc with his wife continued the family tradition in making wine and adopting contemporary natural method for making wine.

Only one day of maceration on the skins for all white wines, spontaneous fermentation of yeasts and aged in wood for a part of the must. The other part matures on the lees in stainless steel. The wines then rest in the cellar dug in the karst rock in 1930, in an ideal environment to ensure optimal wine maturity. Slight Matej hand is felt even in the hottest vintages where he manages to tame a fleshy material, giving the wine freshness and incisiveness. A strong and rocky nature as men and women of the Carso.

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