Primitivo Natalì Natalino Del Prete 2021
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Primitivo Natalì Natalino Del Prete 2021

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Natalì is a red wine made from pure Primitivo grapes. The vines are planted with a planting density of 5000 plants/ha and the chosen training system is the alberello system.

The 4-day maceration is conducted in temperature-controlled cement tanks. Aging also takes place in underground concrete tanks.

Three Senses
Natalì is a full-bodied and warm wine, particularly suitable for pairing with traditional Mediterranean and Salento dishes.


Natalino del Prete

Natalino Del Prete, a descendant of a family that has been dedicated to viticulture and wine production for three generations, founded his business in the heart of Salento.

Of the 15 hectares owned by the company, 12 are dedicated to the cultivation of vines and the remaining 3 to the cultivation of olives. The vines chosen are those belonging to the Salento tradition such as Negroamaro, Primitivo, Susumaniello, Malvasia Nera, and Aleatico.

Since 1994 Natalino Del Prete's entire production has been coverted to organic. In the field the use of any chemical product is excluded. In the cellar, fermentations are carried out exclusively by indigenous yeasts.

The result is extremely artisanal wines that perfectly reflect the Salento territory and tradition.

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