Prosecco Di Valdobbiadene Sur Lie Casa Coste Piane
Prosecco Di Valdobbiadene Sur Lie Casa Coste Piane
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Prosecco Di Valdobbiadene Sur Lie Casa Coste Piane

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The main product of Casa Coste Piane is prosecco sur lie, obtained from a natural and spontaneous refermentation in the bottle. It is a wine that after the pressing of the grapes carries out an initial fermentation in the tanks and remains at rest all winter. In spring, with the first warmth, it is bottled and thus begins the second spontaneous fermentation, which allows carbon dioxide to be retained in the glass, giving life to a lively prosecco.

Three Senses
It is an easy-drinking, dry and slightly sparkling wine in which the sapidity and minerality conferred by the characteristics of the soils of origin stand out. Prosecco sur lie does not undergo any physical-chemical treatments either during vinification or before bottling (such as strict sterilizing filtrations) and is, therefore, kept alive and evolving over time thanks to the presence of natural yeasts in the bottle (hence its name, which in French means precisely on the lees of the now exhausted yeasts).

Casa Coste Piane


The Casa Coste Piane farm is located in Santo Stefano of Valdobbiadene, on the Trevigiana pedemontana. Winemakers since always, the Follador family started to bottling in 1983. The hectares of vines are about six, divided into several terrains, all in the hills, at an altitude of between 250 and 400 meters. Clay soil allows the roots of older strains to draw deep into the mineral salts of the earth. The philosophy of production and labor in vineyards, predominantly manual, is characterized by respect for nature, the absence of herbicides and chemical fertilizers and the exclusive use of copper and sulfur against fungal diseases.

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