Petillant Naturel Sur Lie

The Sur Lie are wines, in one word, fun!

Fresh, vivacious and often of that complexity you do not expect. Sur Lie from the French literally means on yeasts or on lees, it is a very widespread oenological practice, ranging from France, particularly from Loire, and now spread a bit everywhere. Lees in wine production can play a decisive role.

Usually with the term "lees", various elements are distinguished: the lees are normally all those residues (plant material, microorganisms, etc.) which may endanger the quality of the wine and are normally excluded.

But if we talk about fine lees or lies, the discourse changes remarkably, and this technique gives the wine profundity and complexities of olfactory and in the taste fragrance and softness.

Technically, the sur sur lie wines are bottled, which is not completely finished, so that the sugars that are still not in use help the yeasts to activate the refining process.

Indigenous yeasts contained in fine lees allow to consume oxygen decreasing the risk of oxidation.

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