Soul wines

This is the favorite section of Galli Enoteca, natural wines or wines from the vineyard or wine by nature, or so many others way to tell you the wine story through the glass. Natural wines are made with ethics, culture, passion and "nature...naturally".

They are wines that we call undisciplined, both because the "Natural Wines" have not any certification and because they completely represent the terroir, the winemaker, the weather, the indigenous yeasts, all that is far from the fashion.

They are not wines that everyone love, and here is their strength! They do not conform and in an undisciplined way they moved away from the mass to keep their own self, unique and always different.

"Nature has expressed his artistic momentum by matching a place, we might consider the score of a musical work, with the grape variety or varieties called to make it live. The man has the task of promoting this synergy, to guard, to attend assiduously so that the observation of the natural and cultural transformations upgrade to its main working tool. "(Sandro Sangiorgi, from the invention of joy)

Browse the catalog of natural wines by origin, including natural wines Italian, French and the rest of the world, or by type of farming: organic, biodynamic, to fight reasoned, without sulfites, triple A ... etc.

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